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Quote from Ila Verma Yes acting is nt ea
Quote from Ashutosh Kumar
Quote from Ashutosh Kumar hi ila, is it necessary to do any professional course in acting to be a successful actor. 

if so, what course can a person do and from where

hi ila. here's question for 
Yes it is important becz jab tak u dnt kn abt acting how cn u act . Acting mein bhahut typ k buk hoti h wthout reading that how u cum to kn abt different typ of shades of acting terms as nab -ras 

Response from Actor Ila...

Just do what ur heart say u want to do then make ur self ready fr it becz it is nt easy task it took 2 yr fr me to understand when to smile when to cry camera angle different look diction becz we bihari hav biggest issue with diction need to correct that 1st

Anand Raj
Anand Raj Jan 7 '18, 11:34PM
One Last very Important Tip Or If You Want to Call It That, Try To Use Objective Approach..... I Mean Thats Wrong And Not DHARMA, But Only Thing That Matters In JEE Afterall Is How Many Questions You Got Right, And Not How Intelligent You Are....... 

You Can Substitute Values For Variables, Or Reduce The Question Into A Simpler One And Then Guess The Pattern.... You can Also Eliminate Some Of The Options And In Multiple Choice, You can Assume One Option To Be Correct And Then Check Whether Other Options Are Coming Or Not... There Are Many More Theorems (As We Call It) Like COT (Common Option Theorem), ACOT (Advanced COT), MOT (Multiple Option Theorem) And On And On And On....... Try To See Whether You Can Solve The Questions Using These Methids, And Try To See The Pattern And Come Up With Your Own Theorems..... Objective Lagana Shuru Kar Do Abhi Se (Papers Me Nhi Lekin Ghar Aa Ke Dekhna Ke Kya Isko Elemination Ya Substitution Se Bana Skte The Kya)...... Baki Mai To Hu Hi Kuch Puchna Ho To

Megha Pathak
Megha Pathak Jan 7 '18, 11:37PM
Yes I believe  I was fortunate that I got the opportunity but I would suggest my juniors that they must have marketing knowledge so that they will come to know how can they inhance their brand in market. They must have to keep an eagle eye on market activity. In todays scenario each and every brand is working hard  to promote their stuff in the market. U must have cracking ideas to be chosen in the market. 
Admin Jan 7 '18, 11:38PM

Megha Pathak
Megha Pathak Jan 7 '18, 11:40PM
Presentation nd deliverables matters most in my field. Also u have to be very punctual nd instant decision maker. These will help u to sustain in the market. 
Sheet Vasant
Sheet Vasant Jan 7 '18, 11:43PM
#249-#Ashoutosh frankly speaking since beginning and my childhood...I was always having dream that I wil select some diff and royal profession...and always wanted to do some thing diff like ....I want to Travel diff diff places and see diff people,diff culture,diff food or in sapno ko pura Karne ke liye koi platform Cahiyea tha so I selected this ..even I knew that this is wil be tough for me lekin kehane gai Na "Bad Days build better days"...and til now last 8yrs of experience I has travelled almoast whole world and in one word I can say is "Life never stops teaching us " beginning when I joined first ship then beginning I was having lots of problems specially VOMATING but in few days I adopted the situation and most important I love my #PROFESSION....for anyone I wil tell that every profession is very good we just have to love it....or zindagi me hamesa kuch alag Karo or ACCHA Karo apne Parents ka or apne MULK ka naam raushan Karo
Admin Jan 7 '18, 11:56PM
Thanks everyone for your time.... Hope we will have more sessions like this... not only in form of texts...but shortly we will have audio video sessions in future...
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