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Here's again a moment of proud to be a Sunshiner. Students from our school have qualified state level and have been selected at the national level in the NATIONAL CHILDREN'S SCIENCE CONGRESS.

The team consisted of 5 students from Std 9th and 10th. Anushka Srishti (Team leader), Aniket Verma,Nilesh Kumar,Uzma Junaid & Praharsh Pranshu did a very hard work to make this project successful.As it is said that Hard work really pays off. So did here.

Their project is being considered as one of the most innovative projects till date.The team has to present their research work in IIIT Baramati,Maharashtra,between 27th-31st December where their project will compete with national as well as a few international projects to be the best.So let's all of us wish them a good luck for their presentation.

Association has congratulated these bright futures.

Well firstly,I would like to wish a happy,prosperous and eco-friendly deepawali to all.Well when all of us were busy in celebrating deepawali with our friends,family and close ones,One of our alumni Mr.Pankaj Shah,of 1997 batch,visited an orphanage home in Minjar,Chennai,and celebrated deepawali with them.Can there be any other more beautiful way than this,to celebrate this festival of lights.???In my,absolutely not.Mr Pankaj Shah is a deputy commandant in the (CISF). When we asked to share his experience with us,his reply was enough to make even the rocks emotional.He said-"Interaction with them is the only way we can come to know about their plight.Maximum number of orphans are of road accident case.Their life is very tough.They need vocational training and orientation for life and make it in service." We would like to congratulate Pankaj Sir,for this brave move.Really,he is the man who made us understand that what is the actual meaning of this festivals.Now we all should take an oath that whenever we'll get a chance we'll surely bring a smile on a needy's face coz...

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कभी किसी ज़रूरत मंद के चेहरे पर एक छोटी सी मुस्कान ला के देखो यारों

उससे जो ख़ुशी मिलेगी वो दुनिया की बाकी साड़ी खुशिओं से अलग होंगी