School XI Captain receives TROPHY.. Alumni XI booked for 86 runs in 12.2 Overs. School XI won by 22 runs.

Oct 31 '16, 03:26PM | By Admin
Shiven leading School Champs have won the toss and selected to Bat. Badminton Championship has been completed and Harshvardhan from Alumni declared winner after defeating Gaurav.

3.37 PM : Asim is Out, New Batsman Ashutosh comes on the crease

3.46 PM : Prakhar Out , 48 runs in 5 overs for two wickets

4.32 PM : School XI completes inning with 107 runs

4.35 PM : Shiven : 20 runs Ashutosh : 17 runs

4.48 PM :  Alumni XI : 47/4 

4.56 PM : Alumni XI : 80 runs for the loss of 7 Wickets (10 Overs). 48 runs to win off 24 balls with 3 wickets in hand

5.36 PM : No update yet.  But I have heard Alumni XI lost the match.  None of the Alumni Members are in a position to update me the final statistics of the match.  I believe they must be disappointed so much to respond. Once I get the final update,  will get back again. 

6.41 PM : Alumni XI booked for 86 run in 12.2 Overs. School XI won by 22 runs.

A note from captain ( Alumni XI )

It was a great match.

Not in the sense of scorecard.
It doesn't matter.

It was interaction.
That was great.

It was reuniting.
Again fighting for scores.
The sportsmanship.
That was great.

Yes we lose
Congrats to sunshine XI.
You played really well today.

But did we actually lost the match.

No way guys.
Handling bat-ball after years.
Giving you a tough competition.
Running across the ground and sweating.
Re-enjoying the moment.

We Won the match.

Great play guys.

All the best for future.



Harsha Wardhan
Oct 31 '16, 03:37PM
All the best Bhaiya log for the cricket we have to win
Oct 31 '16, 03:38PM
Ask some one to do commentary here
Oct 31 '16, 03:39PM
Some one should update here in the comments box itself
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