Announcement 4th Dec 2017

Dec 4 '17, 04:09PM | By Admin

As you know our family has expanded significantly in Year 2016-17,  association has decided to create a foundation for strong check and control system in the structure and functioning of our association. To respect every individuals and understand the purpose of the association, we have decided to start new process to add members on social  media (Whatsup/Facebook/SunshineAlumni) and grant special privileges carefully.

Because we have grown drastically so we are at the threat of Cybercrime  and it can be prevented straight-forward - when armed with a little technical  advice and common sense, many attacks can be avoided. In general, online criminals are trying to make their money as quickly and easily as possible and indulge in spreading negative propaganda on social sites as well.

Hence, very shortly  we are going to  restrict the number of admins on Facebook and  our official portal, but we will definitely increase the number of admins in future but based on  right process and criteria in place ,for example, those who are registered alumni association members for minimum one years , undergone alumni orientation program , nominated by elected office bearers and executive committee members etc.

Also please be informed that our official portal http://sunshinealumni.inis integrated with  http://facebook.comand all the profiles should be in sync at  both sites.  We can trust  only the members available at http://sunshinealumni.inas we have full control on this site and have additional features to evaluate and verify  the members. So all the members of Facebook are requested to register with our portal http://sunshinealumni.inat the earliest to remain connected. Association will soon start verification of all the members and remove unverified members. Thanks for cooperation. We hope everyone will cooperate and make the association clean and successful.


Amol Ratna , President

Alumni Association

Sunshine Prep/High School



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